Trainwrecks is a curated group show initiated by Surplus Collective.

Exhibition design and Concept by Surplus Collective : Diego Faivre, Willem van Hooff, Fraser McPhee, Pierre Castignola and Ronald Smits.


Exhibitors :

Coradino Garofalo
Daan Brouwer
Diego Faivre
Fleur Hulleman
Fraser McPhee
Jelle Mastenbroek
Job van den Berg
Lucas Muñoz Muñoz
Martens & Visser
Michela Castagnaro
Nacho Carbonell
Niels Hoebers
Onno Adriaanse
Paul Heijnen
Pierre Castignola
Rino Claessens
Ronald Smits
Sander Wassink
Steven Banken
Studio Speciaal
Tessa Koot
Tijs Gilde
Tom Frencken
Willem van Hooff
Woojai Lee


Digital being the current standard mean of representation. One might wonder how do you actually perceive a three dimensional object on a screen. The image can be far away from reality as there is no way to see anything physically. So why bother? Presenting Papercut –– a take to this fast new reality of how we need to adapt content. What happens when you turn physical concepts to digital, where the presented work is made of cardboard cutout, as a means of replacement.


Physical show with a virtual visit


Presented during Dutch Design Week 2020

17-25 October 2020 Every day

Surplus Collective would like to thank his partners : Dutch Design Week, the Dutch Design Foundation and Sectie-C.

Without them that exhibition would never have been possible.

Surplus would also like to give a special mention and thank you to Rik Vaessen who kindly color graded all the videos of the exhibition.

Copyright 2020 : Surplus Collective